understanding qEEG data

a brief explanation of typical qEEG data.

A Demonstration of Clinical qEEG

Retired Brigadier General Dr. Stephen Xenakis discusses the use of QEEG, or Quantitative Electroencephalography, the measurement, using digital technology, of electrical patterns at the surface...

The BrainCore "QEEG" Brain Map

Dr. Guy Annunziata explains the QEEG process.

qEEG A Useful Tool for Diagnosis and Treatment Evaluation

Clinical studies demonstrated distinctive forms of brain electrical activity in neurologic and psychiatric conditions including attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, autism, traumatic...

Candice's qEEG Feedback from Dr Beck

http://www.journeywithcandice.com After each qEEG Dr Beck, Director of the Institute of Functional Neuroscience, gives us a personal Report to discuss the changes in Candice's brain activity...

Sab Sij Huam Hmoob Tuag Es Av Qeeg

I do not own some of these pictures within my video. Credit goes to Google. Sab Sij Huam Hmoob Tuag Es Av Qeeg.

QEEG Brainwave Recording Set Up.wmv

This video gives an overview of the in office set up that is necessary prior to actually recording brainwave activity. The in office set up takes anywhere from 60-120 minutes. Once set-up...

Dr. Lambos Discusses QEEG

Dr. Lambos, chief neuropsychologist, discusses how affective disorders, such as anxiety and depression, as well as developmental disorders, such as AD/HD and autism, are related by disregulation...

Paaj Qeeg - Has Rua Txiv Qeej Txiv Nruag

11/22/2014 Npaaj Qeeg - Has Rua Txiv Qeej Txiv Nruag Started the recording a few seconds late so the beginning is missing.

Game Changer QEEG Brain Mapping

Just as it's vital to have a RoadMap in Business, it is even more critical to have a Map of your Brain Function so that you can most effectively navigate your Life. QEEG brain mapping reveals...