understanding qEEG data

a brief explanation of typical qEEG data.

QEEG Brainwave Recording Set Up.wmv

This video gives an overview of the in office set up that is necessary prior to actually recording brainwave activity. The in office set up takes anywhere fr...

Dr. Lambos Discusses QEEG

Dr. Lambos, chief neuropsychologist, discusses how affective disorders, such as anxiety and depression, as well as developmental disorders, such as AD/HD and...

QEEG Cap Demonstration Part 1

QEEG Cap Demonstration Part 1.

Candice's qEEG Feedback from Dr Beck

http://www.journeywithcandice.com After each qEEG Dr Beck, Director of the Institute of Functional Neuroscience, gives us a personal Report to discuss the ch...

A Demonstration of Clinical qEEG

Retired Brigadier General Dr. Stephen Xenakis discusses the use of QEEG, or Quantitative Electroencephalography, the measurement, using digital technology, o...

The BrainCore "QEEG" Brain Map

Dr. Guy Annunziata explains the QEEG process.

qEEG A Useful Tool for Diagnosis and Treatment Evaluation

Clinical studies demonstrated distinctive forms of brain electrical activity in neurologic and psychiatric conditions including attention deficit disorder, l...

Qeej, Paj Qeeg


New Nootropic 30 Day Case Study W/ QEEG Brain Map

Try TruBrain Here: http://bit.ly/trubrain http://www.FocusNinja.com I'll be uploading my first day intro video on the nootropic I will be using for this 30 d...
What makes identifying TBI tricky? - Wednesday Journal

What makes identifying TBI tricky?
Wednesday Journal
8) You're not sure how to trust your instincts. You seem to function OK but internally you know something is wrong. Sometimes when people asked me how I was, I'd say that things weren't quite right. "Oh, it's a brain thing." Until the QEEG, I never ...

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Brain Patterns Can Inform Effective use of ADHD Medications - HCPLive

Brain Patterns Can Inform Effective use of ADHD Medications
?The medication intervention is hypothesized to operate through an increased engagement of the mirror neuron system, as reflected in the related EEG rhythm: Mu,? Gunkelman noted. ?Mu is a normal EEG variant in the alpha frequency band, which can be ...

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